Event: The Jukes At The Drive-In


I’ve shot some big concerts and some small, intimate affairs.

I’ve shot Bruce Springsteen in a small room in Asbury Park, and Janet Jackson in the middle of 10,000 people in Central Park.

And now I’ve shot the legendary Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes…in a horse racetrack parking lot.


It was the debut of the “Drive-In Live” series at Monmouth Park in Oceanport, New Jersey, presented by the Count Basie Center for the Arts in Red Bank.

About 1,000 vehicles filled the parking lot with multiple people per car. The majority were masked up and definitely social distanced.


The gal is my friend Christine, a PR professional who helped me get my start with the Sons of Ireland Polar Bear Plunge back in 2010, and her husband Steve.


Stan Goldstein, middle, is known all over the Jersey Shore. A former reporter for Asbury Park Press, he conducts a shore tour of Springsteen spots, along with Jeanne Mickle, right.

Spectators had to stay at their vehicles, big screens were set up to see the action on the stage, and horns were honked in a show of appreciation after songs.

Like clapping. But with car horns.


I won’t lie. It was a little odd, a little weird. The concert started at 6 pm and it was HOT to say the least. Even Southside said he didn’t expect the sun to be right in front of him and the band. You can track the show by how drenched Johnny’s shirt became.


Early in the show



Later in the show

The band stayed hydrated, swilling water throughout, and appeared to be having a good time.


John Conte on bass


Glenn Alexander on guitar


John Isley on a really big sax

This show was really the first big one since the lock-down started. Monmouth Park is trying to make these drive-in concerts a “thing” for the rest of the summer.

To me, this show was as much about the fans who came from far and wide to support their Jukes, no matter the situation. And I wanted to capture that.





Hey, look who else was there! Rock photographer extraordinaire, Danny Clinch!

Danny Clinch_mkrajnak_071120_DSCF2489

Danny Clinch

Of course, there was a hum in the crowd that Southside’s buddy, Bruce Springsteen, would show and do a song or 10. But, the only Springsteen to show was his son, driving his dad’s Camaro. Bruce’s mom is in her 90s now, and the word is he doesn’t want to possibly expose himself, and then expose her to the virus.

So, on this beautiful night, a night that was a long time coming, it was all Southside Johnny and the Jukes.

A few more fun shots. I wanted a really wide angle of the lot and the crowd. The only lens I had to get that was the pano lens on my phone. So, that’s what I used.


The way I got this wide shot was to stand on the bumper of this really cool ’72 International. Thanks to these ladies for their helping, uh, bumper!


Overall, it was an interesting night. People REALLY want to get out. And they REALLY were happy to see Southside Johnny and the Jukes.

Will these type of concerts take off? Not sure. But for one night at least, Southside Johnny was on stage in New Jersey, singing about Better Days and The Fever and not wanting to go home.

It was almost like normal times. Almost. And it’s certainly been a long time. Glad I was there (thanks to Jeff Kazee of the Jukes) to record it.


Jeff Kazee of the Asbury Jukes


More photos in this slideshow:


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