Tear Sheet: NJ Biz

A couple of weeks ago, I got a call to see if I could come up to North Jersey to photograph Marc de Grandpre, general manager of the New York Red Bulls soccer team.

The great part was, rather than this be a swoop in, shoot and swoop out, I’d have about 45 minutes with Marc.

And while I’ve shot some Red Bull executives up Red Bull Arena in the past, the request was not do shots on the field this time.

That was fine with me. It was a chilly day and I didn’t want to be outside anyway (even though the field is gorgeous).

Of course, it wasn’t all smooth. On my drive to the arena – which is about a 50 mile drive from my spot deep in Central NJ – I was making good time. I was about 7 minutes from the arena when I missed my exit. When my GPS reset, it told me I was now 40 MINUTES from the stadium. That was because, if I got off at the next exit to double back, I’d be stuck in accident traffic going south on the turnpike! I’d be late for the shoot!

I did the only thing I could do. I pulled over to the shoulder….put it in reverse, and went backwards – slowly – for about 1 mile until I got back to the exit I missed. Yikes! I had no choice, though.

Anyway, I made it to the arena when I said I’d be there, giving me about 30 minutes to scout. And, since I had been there before, that gave me plenty of time.

We started out in a conference room which featured this great wooden wall that featured the newly-revised Red Bulls logo – it’s interesting to me because, it says NY but the bottom part of the Y is curved to look like the J in NY. I loved that little design aspect of this new logo, which was created in-house, according to Marc.

We were off to a good start – I really liked this background, and was keeping in mind this would be for the NJ Biz cover. This meant, leave enough room at the top for the title of the magazine and enough negative space on the side so the publication could run other copy. This background was clean, with a lot of area to run text.

But, I had a few other options to put down as well.

The eventual cover image.

While I was there, I shot a couple of simple headshots in case the magazine needed one to with the article. I liked the hallway right outside the conference room – well lit and clean.

Unfortunately, none of these were used inside. But the cover was good to go!

An hour after I arrived, I was packed up and on my way,  back to Central Jersey. South on Route 1 this time – the Turnpike was still backed up with accident traffic.

But, before leaving Red Bull Arena…I did have to grab one more pic!


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