BTS Sunday: Danny Clinch

(c)Mark Krajnak_JerseyStyle Photography_Danny Clinch_042017

“My favorite spot to to be hiding behind an amplifier or near the drum kit. It allows me to see the musicians, the fans, and the venue. To feel the whole atmosphere and translate the exchange of energy happening in front of me.” – Danny Clinch in his book, Still Moving.

I don’t know if this is so much BTS as Photographer At Work. When I shot this from the pit of the Upstage Jam in April, I hadn’t read Danny’s quote above in his book. I happened to be flipping through Still Moving the other week and read this, and it reminded me of this shot.

It’s like the quote in real life!

I look through Still Moving a lot. Here’s my review of it.

(c)Mark Krajnak_JerseyStyle Photography_Dann Clinch_102014

Danny Clinch, outside The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, October 2014


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